We Build Strong Readers

Our goal is to get every student reading at grade level or above during their early years, especially students who need greater support due to their circumstances. Learn more about how Reading In Motion is helping students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We Make a Difference

Reading in Motion (80%)

Chicago Public Schools (57%)

Reading in Motion (80%)
infographic showing 80% of students brought up to grade-level reading standard by Reading in Motion
Non-Reading In Motion Schools (57%)

Our Benchmarks program is proven to make a difference for our students. Through our arts-enriched curriculums in both English and Spanish, we are able to get an average of 80% of students reading at or above grade level, a dramatic increase over the typical public school curriculum alone.

two young students link arms while smiling and reading a book | Reading in Motion

How We Do It

We start our work with students early in their academic careers, engage them through art-infused curriculum, use data to guide our work, and support our partner teachers throughout the process.

Support Young Readers

The ability to read is a powerful tool. Join in our fight for every student’s right to a quality education.