Reading In Motion’s mission is to get every at-risk student reading at or above grade level within the first years of school through the power and discipline of the arts. To accomplish this we partner with schools and teachers to create and deliver an innovative, supplemental reading program that uses music and drama to engage students. Reading In Motion is currently in 140 Chicago-area classrooms and has helped more than 40,000 students since it was founded in 1983.


At Reading In Motion, results are everything. We're not simply committed to creating a unique supplemental reading program and working with schools and teachers on implementing it in the classroom. We expect positive results and work hard to measure the effectiveness of what we do.

There have been nine outside studies of Reading In Motion's work since 1997, all showing significant gains by Reading In Motion students. The most recent study tracked students for four years and found that students who were in Reading In Motion classrooms  were three times as likely to be reading at grade level at the end of third grade compared to closely matched control group classrooms who had not had Reading In Motion. To read more about this and other independent research studies on Reading In Motion’s programs click here.

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