Why RIM? It takes the work out of small group instruction. I’m able to focus on delivering the content my students need based on their levels and not spend so much time reinventing the wheel. It directly targets those students who need additional support…and gives them the confidence they need to show growth.

— Jennifer Fletcher, Dunne Technology Academy 1st Grade Teacher

Reading In Motion is great for many reasons but my favorite reasons are: 1) It is researched based; 2) It is easy to follow;  3) All the materials you need are provided; and 4) It is FUN! The students are engaged whether it be in the small group getting individual turns, in a game, or singing the songs.

— Monica Ochoa, Lionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts School Spanish Kindergarten Teacher

Reading In Motion brought a great opportunity not only for the students but for myself to increase our school’s learning capacity.

— Tiffany Tillman, Principal Melody Elementary School

I will always find money in the budget for Reading In Motion. I believe in it that much. Knowing firsthand the impact that it has on the students, we cannot be without it.

— Tracie Davis, Principal Jackie Robinson Literature and Writing Elementary School

I became a teacher to help give back to my community and provide every student I teach with the same learning opportunities as any other student from a more privileged background. Having grown up and gone to a public school in the same neighborhood, I have the hope that one day my students will reach their true potential and fulfill their dreams just as I was fortunate enough to do. Reading In Motion has been a light in my life because it has given me the tools to help my students in their journeys to success. Thank you for bringing the program into my classroom.

— Daniela Cueva, Columbia Explorers Academy 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher

Reading In Motion is curricular integration at its best. The research on the percentage of students at or above benchmarks using Reading In Motion speaks for itself. Our teachers enjoy the program and appreciate the coaching, but, more importantly, they report that students are engaged and really enjoy Reading In Motion.

— Melissa Mister, Principal South Shore Fine Arts Academy

Reading In Motion is the best program I have experienced in my 31 years of teaching.  I believe this program should be in every school… It works.

— Marcia Nueske, Kindergarten Teacher (retired) Guglielmo Marconi Community Academy

Reading In Motion is synonymous with differentiated instruction.  The program is data driven…and provides the individual instruction students need.  Without a doubt, Reading In Motion is giving early readers the strong foundation they so desperately need.

— David Pino, Principal Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School