KayDee Johnson

Senior Engagement Manager

KayDee Johnson has an extensive background in child development and education with a passion for promoting a lifelong love of learning for all children. She spent nearly a decade in Early Childhood Education as a Trainer, School Director, Tutorial Programs Manager, Community Outreach Representative and District Coordinator. KayDee is an advocate for young children throughout Nevada and believes that early literacy development is critical to a child’s success. In her early experience she coauthored the script for the Las Vegas YMCA’s Peer Resistance Education Program and toured the Las Vegas Valley empowering K-12 students. KayDee studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and DePaul University in Chicago, IL where she was also a guest teacher at Sayre Elementary Language Academy. KayDee loves spending time outdoors with her children and in her spare time can be found hiking, camping, reading or dancing.

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