Reading In Motion’s virtual program has students reading together, anywhere!

November 30, 2020

In August, we launched Reading Together, Anywhere!, enabling students, parents, and teachers to bring classrooms into homes nationwide. Today, we enter a crucial phase of our fundraising initiative to support this impactful effort with a goal of reaching $25,000 by year’s end.

“Like most areas of our lives these days, education is currently facing unprecedented challenges,” said Karl Androes, co-founder and executive director of Reading In Motion. “The challenges today are once-in-a-lifetime kinds of challenges.”

While students struggle with focus and independent work, many young learners had to learn to use the technology, rather than use it to learn. 

Developed by our internal staff and external experts, Reading Together, Anywhere! helps humanize the virtual-learning experience, allowing for daily reading instruction through videos, tools, and materials. 

“It leverages our demonstrably effective and arts-integrated curriculum, which has been successful in thousands of physical classrooms,” Androes said, “and it adapts it using cutting-edge-technology tools.”

To ensure it met their standards, our partner educators reviewed and tested the software prior to its release. So far, the feedback from our efforts has been extremely positive.

“I am super impressed and have loved all the components,” said Emily Quinlan, a first grade teacher in Chicago. “It’s so great to know that they have independent work to do that is directly correlated to what we’re doing in class that parents don’t have to stress over.”

Reading Together, Anywhere! also offers long-term potential. 

“The help from RIM has been invaluable for remote teaching,” said Jennifer Selimos, a kindergarten teacher in Chicago. “They have created a virtual library for everything I need to effectively teach. I plan to use all of these tools when we return to in-person learning because they are that helpful.”

While we live in uncertain times, one thing is certain. Literacy is the key to a better tomorrow. 

Please go to readinginmotion.org/donate to donate before the end of the year. We can do anything if we do it together!