Reading In Motion’s Back to School Update: Reading Together, Anywhere!

August 27, 2020

To our Reading In Motion Community:

In June, we were excited to announce the development of our 100% virtual program for schools: Reading Together, Anywhere!. Today, we’re thrilled to share that we’re ready to deliver our 100% virtual program for all our teachers and students this school year!

Three months ago, Reading Together, Anywhere! was just an idea. In March 2020, like most schools across the country, our partner schools closed due to COVID-19. To ensure that our youngest learners continued to gain critical early literacy skills, we immediately implemented remote coaching and developed resources that enabled teachers, parents, and students to continue daily reading instruction through videos, tools, and materials.

At Reading In Motion, we believe every student deserves to be a reader, regardless of their environment or circumstances. Anticipating the strong likelihood that schools would remain closed in the Fall, we made a commitment in May to making certain that teachers would be able to utilize our curriculum to best meet the individual learning needs of every student, whether learning five days a week from their living room couch or even a few days per week from their desk in a physical classroom. Thus, we dedicated the summer and a team of twelve to developing Reading Together, Anywhere! 

Reading Together, Anywhere! has undergone rigorous development by our talented team of internal staff and external experts. To ensure the program’s accessibility in remote classrooms, we have quickly become adept at essential virtual learning tools. And to guarantee its effectiveness in supporting teachers in any forms their classrooms take this school year, Reading Together, Anywhere! has been reviewed and tested by our partner educators. So far, the reception is extremely positive!

RTA! creates a path forward for our organization and the teachers and students we serve. Despite the many challenges we’re all facing, we cannot wait to begin this school year with you: our community of students, educators, principals, parents, and supporters. With your continuing support, we can ensure every student is a reader, especially during these unprecedented circumstances. Together, we can do this!


Karl Androes

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Reading In Motion