Jump Ahead

The Jump Ahead Opportunity

No matter how great the promised results or how dire the need, schools face challenges in bringing in new programs for students and teachers. Costs for teacher training, materials, and teacher coaching combined with scheduling complexities often prevent schools from taking advantage of available opportunities–even programs like Reading In Motion–in which schools only pay 25 percent of the applicable costs. We’ve been working hard to develop an opportunity that addresses these challenges: Jump Ahead.

With the Jump Ahead initiative, we have offered qualifying schools our traditional program for free in all Kindergarten classrooms for one full academic year, including all professional development, materials, and our 32-week onsite literacy coaching services for teachers.

Until 2020, we were only able to offer this opportunity to a few schools, serving kindergarteners in schools with the most severe economic challenges. By removing the initial barrier of cost for these schools, they were able to test and prove the value of Reading In Motion without the investment risk. Encouragingly, nearly 80 percent of these schools continued as Reading In Motion partners, using our full program in subsequent years and adding first grade.

Thanks to our generous donors, Jump Ahead is now available to 18 schools per year that will use Reading In Motion for the very first time.

Your School Can Jump Ahead

Help your school Jump Ahead in 2020-2021! We are currently accepting contracts with new schools for next Fall. Send us a message if you’re interested in learning more about the Reading In Motion program and our Jump Ahead opportunity.