Ms. Ochoa, Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Ochoa is a Spanish kindergarten teacher at Lionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts School. While Ms. Ochoa has been teaching for longer, this is her third year in the kindergarten classroom. She marvels: “Some come into the kindergarten classroom from five years in the home and they don’t even know how to hold a pencil. It is very fulfilling to see them mature and leave here knowing how to count, write, and read.” She attributes some of this success to the Reading In Motion songs she uses to teach phoneme segmentation fluency. Once her students are able to segment sounds fluently, she challenges them to segment the sounds in new words and then to put the sounds together. When they’re hesitant, all she has to do is remind them of the songs. This reference gives them the confidence to try unfamiliar words. “When they say the word, I make a big deal,” she says. “‘See! You do know how to read!’ I tell them.”

Thank you, Ms. Ochoa, for your enthusiasm and dedication to the little ones you teach.

Posted on June 21, 2019 in Karls Blog

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