Spotlight on Blake Roter

   Reading In Motion’s Spotlight Series Meet Blake Roter, Auxiliary Board Member It’s crazy how a seemingly minor decision, like the decision to attend an event, might impact the rest of your life. Five-year Reading In Motion Auxiliary Board Member, Blake Roter, knows all about this. In 2013, Blake’s friend invited him to Reading In…

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35th Anniversary Gala

We want to thank you here, thank you there. We want to thank you everywhere!   On Thursday, June 21, Reading In Motion celebrated 35 years of supporting teachers and helping children read at grade level. Over 300 people gathered at the Chicago Cultural Center and immersed themselves into the world of Dr. Seuss for a fun-filled…

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Spotlight on Mary Roney

Making an Impact with Mary Can you remember something impactful you were doing 20 years ago? Reading In Motion supporter Mary Roney can. From a conference call on her property in the mountains of Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her loyal Weimeraners chiming in the background, Mary taught me not only about Reading In Motion’s history,…

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Spotlight on Jenny Dakoske

     Reading In Motion Member Spotlight Series Meet Jenny Dakoske, Member, Board of Directors Jenny Dakoske wears many hats: mother to her beautiful 16-month-old daughter Taygan (+1 on the way, probably as we speak!), wife, Managing Director at CIBC’s Commercial Bank, sister to 6, and member of the Board of Directors at Reading In…

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Supplemental Program with Colorado Department of Education

Reading In Motion is proud to be included in the Colorado Department of Education’s Approved Supplemental Programs list. After an extensive review process, we joined a select list of programs that enhance a school’s core curriculum. Both our English and Spanish curriculum are available to schools throughout Colorado. For more details and the approved list,…

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Karl’s Sabbatical In Paris

Our founder and executive director, Karl Androes, is taking a much-deserved, year-long sabbatical beginning July 1, 2016. Karl and his wife, Jean, will spend the year in Paris enjoying and exploring another culture. Karl will be sharing his experiences via his blog. Click here to see his latest posts. 

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